FT: Leicester City 0-9 Chelsea (Women Super League) 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

Chelsea Women set record after thrashing Leicester City 0-9 in the Women Super League today.

It was a game that saw them make light work of their opponent who was no match for them all through.

They already scored six goals in the first half before coming on to finish things off in the second 45 minutes of the game.


It was a game that started brightly for the Londoners who came in the first half hungry for goals.

Guro Reiten set the ball rolling inside the net after scoring from a freekick in the 3rd minutes to make it 0-1 for Chelsea Women.

That was just the icing on the cake as Leicester City Women were all over the place which saw Samantha Kerr making it 0-2 in the 5th minutes of the game.

Another one followed up in the 7th minutes through a smashing finish from Bethany England who increased the scoreline to 0-3.

The game progressed with so much happening as the Blues once again scored another on in the 11th minute through new signing Aniek Nouwen to make it 0-4.

Bethany England made it 0-5 and her brace in the 28th minute of the encounter after another good teamwork effort saw them adding more to the advantage.

It was becoming unbearable as the goals kept going in with Guro Reiten adding another one to make it 0-6 in the 45th minute plus additional time which also made it her brace.

Leicester City Women Vs Chelsea Women

The First Half ended with Leicester City Women 0-6 Chelsea Women as they both headed inside for the break after 45 minutes played between them.

It was more goals in the second half which also saw the home side doing well enough to make it look decent with their defending.

Samantha Kerr added another one in the 47th minute of the second half which made things 0-7 as the encounter carried on going forward for Chelsea women.

Leicester City Women did well enough to stop the goals from flooding in as they carried on with things hitting the 70th minute with the scoreline still on 0-7.

More opportunities kept on coming but nothing happened for the free-scoring London side who were held down tight.

Things continued to look calm as they approached the final few minutes left to be played in the encounter going forward with nothing else happening.

Lauren James made it 0-8 as she score her first goal for the Blues in the 87th minute with an incredible one which saw her make it count.

Its scoreline turned 0-9 immediately in the 89th minute of the match after a solid one saw Jessie Fleming making it another goal.

The match ended with Chelsea Women thrashing Leicester City Women 0-9 in an empathic encounter which saw the Blues move top of the table over Arsenal.


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