Rebekah Vardy called Coleen Rooney a ‘nasty b*tch’ & ‘c*nt’ as private messages disclosed at court hearing

The Leicester striker’s and Manchester United legend’s respective partners are entangled in a libel dispute over suspicions of leaking news.

The High Court has learned that messages sent by the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy referred to Rooney – who is married to Manchester United icon Wayne – as a “nasty b*tch” and a “c*nt” who “needs to get over herself,” in a bitter legal struggle between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney.

Two ex-England international frontmen’s partners are involved in a libel case over suspicions of stories being leaked to the press.

Rooney has accused Vardy of sending tales to The Sun tabloid based on information that could only have been obtained via posts on a private Instagram account, dubbed the “Wagatha Christie” case.

What exactly are Rooney’s allegations?

In 2019, Rooney claimed to have carried out a sting operation in which she gradually reduced the number of persons who could see her Instagram photos until just Vardy remained.

When the story began to spread across the country, the wife of Derby County’s current manager claimed to have discovered her mole.

“For a few years now, someone I trusted to follow me on my personal Instagram account has been routinely notifying The Sun newspaper of my private posts and tales,” she said on social media.

“They’ve been given a lot of information on myself, my friends, and my family without my permission or knowledge.” I had a suspicion after a long time of attempting to figure out who it could be for numerous reasons.

“In order to demonstrate this, I devised a plan. Except for one account, I’ve prohibited everyone from watching my Instagram Stories. (Those on my private account are probably wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while.)

“idea. Except for one account, I’ve prohibited everyone from watching my Instagram Stories. (Those on my private account are probably wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while.)

“I’ve been posting a series of bogus tales for the past five months to see whether they make it into The Sun newspaper.” And guess what? They succeeded! The narrative about female discrimination in Mexico, the story about returning to television, and finally, the most recent story about basement flooding in my new home.

“Everything’s been difficult to keep it to myself and not make any comments, especially since the articles have been leaked, but I had no choice.” Now I know exactly whose account/individual it originated from.

“It’s… Rebekah Vardy’s account,” says the narrator.

Vardy is claimed to have retaliated against her accuser with a series of foul-mouthed text messages, which were revealed at a court hearing on Tuesday.

Caroline Watt, Vardy’s former agent, is also accused of maintaining a business relationship with The Sun that permitted material to be leaked.

When she saw Rooney’s tweet calling out people who were working behind her back, she is claimed to have said, “Such a victim.” Coleen is in such a bad situation… It wasn’t someone she could rely on. “It was my fault.”

Vardy has categorically refuted Rooney’s allegations and has racked up a multi-million pound legal expense as a result of her libel suit.

However, much of the case’s prospective evidence has vanished or been lost, with Watt claiming to have dropped her phone into the North Sea shortly after Rooney’s lawyers requested access to it.

“At the same time, all media files from Mrs Vardy’s WhatsApp discussion with Ms Watt mysteriously vanished (and from all backups) when she was allegedly exporting it to her solicitors,” Rooney’s lawyers said.
Jamie Vardy of Leicester has claimed that his “WhatsApp was hacked and all conversations were erased and could not be restored,” while Rebekah Vardy’s laptop “no longer functions” around the time of the incidents in issue.

The libel case will be heard in court later this year.

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