FT: Chelsea 1-0 Man City women FA Cup (Watch Highlights

Chelsea Women beat Man City 1-0 in the Women’s Super League, according to Ajokeonifaari Reporting. Guro Reiten scored the only goal.

The Champions of the League got off to a terrific start in the first half, pushing more than their opponent, who had a lot of work to do defending so hard not to go down early.

The first ten minutes of the game were solid from Man City Women, who kept it clean at the back while also driving forward with some fine runs, but not enough to concern their opponent, who was equally solid in defense as the game progressed.

Guro Reiten scored an amazing header in the 13th minute of the first half after Jessica Carter whipped a ball into the danger area for the attacking midfielder to blast past Roebuck for a 1-0 lead for Chelsea Women.

The game went on with a lot of talking points as both teams had a lot of work to do going forward and defending with more opportunities being created, but the defenders, notably the goalkeepers, made sure nothing changed.

Chelsea concluded the first 45 minutes of the game with a 1-0 lead, and they came out for the second half looking sharp against an opponent who also showed much more quality in their play, which was faster than they had been before.

It was still looking good for Chelsea Women who continued with their advantage intact despite the pressure they face from the visitors who were ready to make a comeback, but it wasn’t happening for them with stout defenders all over the place.

Man City Women had a chance to make it count, but Anna-Katrin Berger was too brilliant to let anything go by her, as she produced a spectacular save to maintain the score at 1-0 as they continued to play the remaining 20 minutes of the match.

Chelsea Women won all three points in the encounter against Man City, with a final score of 1-0.



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