Wolfsburg Women vs Chelsea Women LIVE STREAM!

Wolfsburg Women vs Chelsea Women is another exciting match from Ajokeonifaari in the Women’s UEFA Champions League group stages.

This will not be the first time the two sides have met in the Women’s UEFA Champions League, as they battled it out in the first leg in London, which finished in a 3-3 draw.

The second-leg match between Wolfsburg and Chelsea Women in the group stages is looking promising so far, with both clubs still in with a possibility of progressing to the next round with a win.

Chelsea Women only need one point to advance to the next round and finish first in their group, even if the second-place team beats their opponent, as long as the goals aren’t too many.

Wolfsburg Women can only advance to the following round if they win and hope for the best.

Juventus fails to score more goals, as they presently share the same number of points with kickoff still on.

It is expected to be a close match between the two clubs, who have been at odds for years in the Women’s UEFA Champions League, which hasn’t been kind to England until recently.


Almuth Schult; Joelle Wedemeyer, Kathrin-Julia Hendrich, Dominique Janssen, Felicitas Rauch; Lena Oberdorf, Svenja Huth, Lena Lattwein; Shanice van de Sanden, Tabea Wassmuth, Jill Roord.


Zecira Musovic; Magdalena Eriksson, Jessica Carter, Millie Bright; Guro Reiten, Sophie Ingle, Melanie Leupolz, Erin Cuthbert; Pernille Harder, Samantha Kerr, Fran Kirby.

Emma Hayes will be hoping that her squad can rebound from their dismal performance against Reading at the weekend, in which they were defeated by a slim 1-0 margin despite having all of their key players available.

Chelsea Women must now hope and work hard in the Barclay’s Women Super League, which is now dominated by Arsenal, who are currently six points ahead of the Champions, who have lost two games this season.

There has been a lot of discussion around Wolfsburg vs Chelsea Women ahead of start, which is great.

Fans have been rooting for their team to complete the task, which will not be easy given the history between these two teams.

Chelsea leads the group with eleven points after five games, Juventus is second with eight, and Wolfsburg is third with just a goal difference between them and Servette FC Chenois, which finished with nothing.

The English team has won all of their matches thus far, with the exception of a 3-3 draw against Wolfsburg, which might have easily been a win because they were leading at one point until their opponent pegged them back, and they finished with one point each.

The London club may believe they are safe to progress to the next round, but they must keep an eye on Juventus’ game because it might harm their hopes of placing first in the group stages.

To watch Wolfsburg Vs Chelsea Women in the Women’s UEFA Champions League, go to the “STREAM HERE” button and you’ll be taken to a live stream of the match between the two teams.


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