Arsenal Vs Chelsea Women Final LIVE MATCH

Another pulsating encounter between Arsenal Vs Chelsea Women which we are streaming live to you today.

Two of the biggest clubs in Women football going up against each other for a chance to lift the Emirates FA Cup title which is another big competition.

Arsenal Vs Chelsea Women is a key game from England football and it has been the biggest of all time due to the success of both clubs at this category.

Arsenal Vs Chelsea Women

This won’t be their first meeting as the rivalry has been long in both the male and female football category which has been a two sides thing.

It won’t be an easy on for the either side, but if we are to go by their history, this game could be one for Emma Hayes side to win without stress.


Zinsbeger; Maritz, Wobben Moy, Beattie, Catley; Watley, Maanum, Little; Mccabe, Vivianne Meidema, Mead.


Berger; Millie Bright, Sophie Ingle, Jessica Carter, Melanie Leupolz; Guro Reiten, Madeleine Eriksson, Erin Cuthbert; Jesse Fleming, Samantha Kerr, Fran Kirby.

Good starting lineup from both managers who mean business here today at Wembley Stadium as they will be going all out for the win.

Arsenal Vs Chelsea Women this season encounter ended with the Gunners getting the win after playing 3-2 in the season opening game for the League.

The Blues women are out for revenge as they look to cancel their bad start of the season loss which has been the reason they are second place on the League table.

It won’t be either smooth for the Gunners this time despite them having one of the deadliest striker in the Women super League.

Both teams stand equal chance of win ing the FA Cup title which is going down live at the Wembley Stadium in England between both women’s football clubs.

Don’t forget to join the conversation by dropping your comments below of what you expect to happen here in the clash.

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