Servette FC 0-7 Chelsea (Women Champions League) 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

Samantha Kerr and Fran Kirby both scored a brace each as Chelsea thrashed Servette FC 0-7 away from home in the Women UEFA Champions League group stages.

The game was entertaining as the London side could not be held back by their opponent as Guro Reiten alongside Melanie Leupolz and Jessie Fleming also got one goal each in the match.

It was an outstanding performance from the Blues women team who made sure they didn’t hold back from scoring all the goals which could have been more than the final result for the day.

Servette FC Chelsea Women


The first 45 minutes of the created so many talking points coming as the English side made sure the job looked easy against their opponent who couldn’t do anything about their situation.

Melanie Leupolz gave Chelsea the opening goal in the 8th minutes as she finished off blasting the ball in the bottom corner after an assist coming from Millie Bright which made the scoreline 0-1 for them.

Servette FC were totally outclassed as they conceded yet another goal which came in the 16th minute of the first half after a good teamwork effort saw Fran Kirby making it 0-2 with assist from Samantha Kerr.

Another goal once again in the 18th minute which was scored by Samantha Kerr who teamed up with Melanie Leupolz to ensure the lead extended to 0-3 for her side who continued to dominate things.

Samantha Kerr made it her brace in the 20th minute from another outstanding finish which saw Fran Kirby helping her out by creating the assistance which lead to the goal that made the scoreline 0-4 as it progressed.

Fran Kirby with her brace in the 26th minute of the game thanks to a good display from Jessie Fleming who crossed the ball for the forward to slot it home making the scoreline 0-5 with things looking hot.

Another one once again in the 38th minute making the scoreline 0-6 after a good combination from Fran Kirby who assisted Jessie Fleming to score the goal and get her name on the scoresheet after her assist.

The first half came to an end with Chelsea Women demolishing their opponent Servette FC 0-6 under 45 minutes of football which was so bad for the home side in the encounter.

The second half didn’t look much of a fun as things were closely matched between the two teams allowing just one goal to be scored under 45 minutes of football played.

Servette FC did everything in their power to make sure they are able to hold things down much better than they did in the first half which saw them conceding six goals without getting one back in the match.

Guro Reiten scored another goal for Chelsea which came in the 50th minute of the second half after Samantha Kerr teed up the midfielder who slotted the ball perfectly to make the scoreline 0-7 with a good touch.


There was nothing more to be done as the match carried on entering into the final few minutes of play which only wasted opportunities from both ends were seen all through until the end.

The match ended with Chelsea Women recording their biggest win in the Champions League against Servette 0-7 to claim all three points which moves them top of the group with Juventus and Wolfsburg playing next.


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