See Reece James Reaction To Cristiano Ronaldo’s Chelsea Remark Ahead Sunday Match

On Sunday, Manchester United will face the League Leaders, Chelsea, for the first time under Micheal Carrick.

Manchester United are determined to get at least a point when they face Blues on Sunday, despite the fact that they know it would be a difficult job.

Following the sacking of manager Ole Solskjaer, the club won 2-0 against Villarreal on Tuesday night, with Professor Manager Michael Carrick in charge.

Despite reports that the club has reached an arrangement with Ralf Rangnick to take over as Interim manager, Micheal Carrick will continue to lead the Red Devils when they visit Stamford Bridge.

Cristiano Ronaldo believes United are ready to face an informed Chelsea side ahead of the match, despite the fact that they are still healing from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s terrible decisions.

“We’re a team that wants to win.” We aim to hurt other teams and score a lot of goals.

Chelsea defender Reece James, on the other hand, appears to have responded to Cristiano Ronaldo’s statement that he is ready to face any challenge.

Reece James is fully aware of the strong rivalry that exists between Manchester United and Chelsea Football Club, as it is his boyhood club.

Everyone who will be involved on that day, including the supporters, knows it means more than a match to James.

However, it appears that the Englishman is prepared to face whatever the confrontation may offer on Sunday evening.

“As always, we are prepared and will be.” When asked how Chelsea is prepared for the Sunday game, James said, “Just like always, we are ready and will be ready when the time comes.”

“Looking back at the club’s history, everyone understands how important the game is to both clubs; it’s a competitive game that everyone wants to win.”

“No one wants to tie it up, no one wants to lose it, but everyone wants to win it. It may not be feasible, but everyone will fight with all their might to ensure they do.”

“Manchester United may be in horrible position right now, but we know they can inflict harm just like any other team in football,” says Ralf Rangnick (The Professor).

The red devil can still fight back now that they have Cristiano Ronaldo who of course is very good at scoring goals.

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