Chelsea Vs Malmo FT! | HIGHLIGHTS

Chelsea Vs Malmo UEFA Champions League match is set to go down live in a couple of minutes which you can stream from your mobile phone and PC.

The stage is getting set as both teams will be taking on each other in a match which is a must-win for Thomas Tuchel’s side if they are to make it out of the group which they have three points.

Chelsea has played two games already and so far just one win and one loss which they have managed in the group as it hasn’t been an easy start to the season Champions League.

They were able to manage a 1-0 win against Zenit Saint Petersburg in their opening game which Romelu Lukaku scored the only goal in that encounter at Stamford Bridge.

Their second game against Juventus away from home was a disaster which they lost to the Italian side despite them dominating the game on that night which saw them go down in the second half.

Chelsea Vs Malmo is another chance for the team to bounce back as expected with them playing at home which three points shouldn’t be a thing they struggle to get follow their opponent previous games.

Chelsea Vs Malmo



This lineup is good enough as it says it all about their plan tonight which is nothing less than destroying their opponent who could also pose a threat if they decide to pack the bus tonight.

Chelsea has been fair this season if their performances from the UEFA Champions League and English Premier League are joined together with them being able to make things happen.

Their last game in the Premier League saw them struggling against newly promoted side Brentford who they were able to beat 1-0 with Edouard Mendy helping them to that victory which was a lucky one.

Chelsea Vs Malmo is set to go down as the players are already making their way into the pitch which we are expected for kickoff soon between both teams who will be looking to get something good tonight.

Malmo is currently last on the table with no points and seven-goal differences after two games which saw them losing scandalously against Juventus and Zenit Saint Petersburg with nothing to show.

Chelsea has won one and lost one so far which sees them sitting second place with three points after beating Zenit Saint Petersburg 1-0 and going on to suffer a 1-0 defeat against Juventus who top the group.

So many talking points coming out of this match as the group is still open for any club to make it into the next round of the competition as Juve remains the only side who is unbeaten after two games played.

After 90 minutes tonight, we expect the group to change with Zenit Saint Petersburg Vs Juventus is going on at the same time as Chelsea Vs Malmo which both results will have a big impact on how to group will be at the end of everything.

The game is already set for kickoff with players already in a position to get things going as we await the referee to signal his whistle for the encounter to start with Chelsea Vs Malmo our featured match for tonight.

You can let us know you are following the match by dropping your comments telling us your predicted scoreline and location from where you are watching from tonight as we expect many goals to come for the Blues.

Kindly locate the “STREAM HERE” Button and click to gain access to streaming the match live from Stamford Bridge without registration or additional fee to pay while watching the encounter.


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