Chelsea 3-3 Wolfsburg (Women Champions League) 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

UEFA Champions League between Chelsea Vs Wolfsburg Women ended in a 3-3 draw as the Blues came from 1-3 down to level up in the match which was filled with action.

Both teams gave a good account of themselves at Kinsgmeadow which saw the likes of Samantha Kerr alongside Bethany England and Pernille Harder scoring the goals for the Blues women.

The match could have gone either way between Chelsea Vs Wolfsburg Women in the encounter which the home side started well but ended up making mistakes which they had to pay for on three occasions.

Chelsea Vs Wolfsburg Women


The game started well with both sides doing everything in their power to open up their account in the Women UEFA Champions League group stages which had Juventus who won 3-0 to move top.

Early stages saw both sides matching up against each other without a goal coming but the home side started well by dominating things as a yellow card was shown to the German team.

Samantha Kerr put Chelsea Women ahead in the 10th minute of the game after a long pass to the forward who played the ball above the outcoming goalkeeper to make it 1-0 for the English side.

The game progressed with more being shown by the finalist who had everything working as planned going into the match until an error between Eriksson and Berger saw Tabea Wassmuth score to make it 1-1 in the 18th minute.

Things turned good for Wolfsburg Women who gained control of the game despite not being the better between the two teams as the game carried on with more opportunities being created going forward.

The visitors took the lead in the 34th minute of the game after another error in defending saw Jill Roord smashed one to make the scoreline 1-2 as things continued looking worst for Chelsea vs Wolfsburg Women.

Nothing else happened as the first half came to an end with Chelsea going down 1-2 against Wolfsburg as they both went inside for the break after a poor display in the 45 minutes which could have been good.

The second half was the best from the game which saw a side that looked poor making a stunning comeback as the goals were coming from both ends all through the 2nd 45 minutes.

Tabea Wassmuth immediately scored her second goal of the game in the 48th minute which saw Wolfsburg extending the lead to 1-3 which was also from another bad display from the home side saw them going down again.

Chelsea Women were able to get themselves back into the game as the fightback started in the 51st minute which Bethany England pulled one back to make it 2-3 after a corner saw her converting from a loosed ball.

It all looked difficult to get that leveler as the game carried on with so much pressure coming from the last year’s Champions League finalist who was desperate to equalize as they enter into the last 10 minutes.

The goal finally came in the 92nd minute of the encounter between Chelsea Vs Wolfsburg Women as Pernille Harder scored from an error in defense to make the scoreline leveled 3-3 after all attempts.

The referee ended things with Chelsea settling for one point after their 3-3 draw against Wolfsburg as both teams occupy second and third position with Juventus topping the group following their 3-0 victory earlier.


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