Central African Republic 0-2 Nigeria (World Cup Qualifiers) 2021 | HIGHLIGHTS

Leon Balogun and Victor Osimhen both scored as Nigeria beat the Central African Republic 0-2 in their FIFA World Cup qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

This second-leg encounter was a good one for the Super Eagles who listened to the anger of the fans after their 0-1 defeat in Lagos by making sure their opponent suffer a far worst pain than they did to them.

The win here today gives the Super Eagles of Nigeria 9 points top of the table while the Central African Republic remains in the 3rd position with four points tied with Cape Verde who plays later on against Liberia.

Central African Republic Nigeria


The game started with the Super Eagles dominating things as early in the match which they were looking to get a goal and set the encounter going after their first-leg defeat in Lagos.

It was looking evenly balanced in terms of the scoreline which remained 0-0 with the first 20 minutes of the game gone and nothing to show for it from the visitors who needed to win the match.

Nigeria scored the opening goal in the 29th minute of the encounter after an amazing play saw Rangers of Scotland defender Leon Balogun converting to make the scoreline 0-1 as it carried on.

It wasn’t looking good for the Central African Republic who were unable to get control of the game as it moved further away from them with the Super Eagles dominating the whole affair.

A late goal from Napoli of Italy striker Victor Osimhen extended the lead for the Nigerians to 0-2 after another good teamwork effort saw the forward convert in the 46th minute of extra time.

The 45 minutes of the encounter ended with the Super Eagles of Nigeria taking a big 0-2 advantage into the break against the Central African Republic who was very poor and weak.

Early stages of the second half and nothing changed as the home side started making so much noise in the defense of their opponent which remained solid without anything passing through.

The central African Republic was much better in the second half which saw them defending well and making much trouble for the Super Eagles who struggled to contain them whenever they are close to scoring.

It was looking good for Nigeria as they remained focused and eager to make something happen once again despite knowing they have a 0-2 advantage which is enough to claim all three points.

Nothing could change or alter things as the scoreline remained 0-2 with the game entering into the 70th minute with just twenty remain to play until the referee add injury time before full time.

Central African Republic Nigeria

The game went on without anything else as the home side were restless on the pitch with them pushing forward but still have their eyes on their defense as the encounter didn’t look like going their way.

It finally came to an end with the Super Eagles of Nigeria ending the encounter with a comfortable 0-2 win against the Central African Republic as they remain top of the group with 9 points above their opponent with 4.



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