GOAL! Romelu Lukaku Score, Estonia 1-2 Belgium (Watch Goal)

Romelu Lukaku scoresLuminous elgium as they take the lead against Estonia after going down very early in the encounter which the Chelsea man have now made it 1-2.

Great goal from Romelu Lukaku who has been one of the best players on the pitch of play after a nice buildup saw him showing his quality by finishing off neatly to make it count and that’s why he is on the field playing.

What an extraordinary finish and the game between Estonia Vs Belgium progresses with more opportunities being made available from the two teams who have been good going forward with more coming as we hoped.

The next goal in this World Cup qualifiers will go a long way in affecting the outcome of the final results with three points at stake or will this end in a draw in which both teams will have to settle for one.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about this match as we have seen yet another remarkable goal here as Estonia Vs Belgium is currently proving to be a delightful game in the World Cup qualifiers.

Do remember to also share this post and drop your comments so we can get to discuss more on this as it progresses further with us almost seeing another goal being scored in the encounter going on.

This goal we have seen here will go a long way in determining who gets to walk away with all three points here or maybe we might witness a comeback and end the tie in a draw which wont be good for both teams.

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Watch And Download Goal Video Below:


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