Chelsea 4-0 Everton (Women Super League) 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

One from Fran Kirby with England and a brace Samantha Kerr as Chelsea Women beat Everton 4-0 to claim their first win of the Super League season after losing their first game.

It was an entertaining game that saw the Blues making sure they kick start their season by ensuring three points in the bag after a poor opening match against Arsenal which ended with them losing.


The Blues women started the match as the better side with them making sure they had to dominate the game before they could be able to make anything happen going forward with a win on their minds.

Chelsea Everton Women

Everton had everything going as planned which saw them holding off play and making sure nothing went past their defense that was well organized as they continue to see the game through.

Fran Kirby opened the scoring in the 25th minute after an amazing team effort with So-Yun Ji ensured the British converted neatly to make the scoreline for Chelsea1-0 as the encounter carried on further.

The game progressed with so much more coming in terms of opportunities which was wasted before the first half ended with Chelsea women taking a 1-0 lead against Everton as they headed for the break.

It started nicely in the second half which had so much to talk about from the home side ensuring everything worked out as they imagined it to be after coming from their disappointing opening game of the season.

Chelsea immediately set the ball rolling in the second half as Samantha Kerr scored another goal in the 47th minute which made the scoreline 2-0 after an outstanding display from the Londoners to extend their lead.

It was looking bad for Everton Women who couldn’t find a solution as Samantha Kerr made it her brace with another goal coming in the 74th minute after an assist from Guro Reiten to make it 3-0 with more coming.

Things were totally out of control as the Blues women side had everything working out for them in the encounter which saw Bethany England making it 4-0 in the 79th minute of the match after another fantastic effort for the goal.

Emma Hayes’s side was done and dusted with few minutes left on the clock which saw them kicking the ball around ensuring their opponent was left dry with nothing to do about their situation as the match carried on.

The match carried on with more opportunities being created until the referee ended the encounter with Chelsea Women securing their first win of the season by thrashing Everton 4-0 at home.


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