GOAAL! Kai Havertz Score, Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea (WATCH GOAL)

Chelsea takes the lead out here at Anfield as the Blues takes the lead after converting neatly which sees Kai Havertz scoring the opening goal against Allison to make it 1-0.

What a jaw-dropper by Kia Havertz as he delivers a shocker which is an important goal in this encounter as Chelsea ensured they took the finish which have now seen the game come to live more between the Premier League sides.

This is an incredible goal scored, what a finish from Kia Havertz for Chelsea after a tremendous demonstration from the Blues which saw the player making sure his finish was perfectly placed beyond the goalkeeper for the finish.

The rivalry has been a good one so far before this goal which was scored by the Champions League winning side who has been the best on the pitch of play since kick-off and it have paid off with a goal in the game.

More expected to come as the English Premier League tie carry on with both Liverpool Vs Chelsea showing the fans a good time at Anfield right now as they are out there in numbers watching the game in the Stadium and supporting their respective teams.

So much talking points about this English Premier League as both teams have been good so far and anything can come up against each other as it advances and it is a battle till the end as Chelsea won’t skimping on Liverpool.

The goal scored is just so clinical that you can watch it over and over again and enjoy it more as both teams are still shoving very hard in an attempt to get another one which could change the scoreline or the entire outcome.

It is a English Premier League meeting which is between them both as we have seen both teams taking the game very seriously that we have witnessed an extraordinary goal being scored as more might come on from them as it advances.

It has been a good game so far which it has been more opportunities coming from the two teams who continued to push after the goal scored in the clash going forward.

Watch Stunning Goal Scored Below

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