Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea (Preseason Friendly) 2021 | HIGHLIGHTS

Both Kai Havertz and Tammy Abraham scored as Chelsea beat Arsenal in a preseason game 1-2 which is meant to care awareness for mental health amongst individuals.

First Half

Excellent play from both teams but just one could get a goal in the first half of the encounter which was evenly matched as it produced some good level of football between the two London sides who were very good.

Chelsea started the game on the better side as they dominated play while ensuring they made things difficult for the Gunners who had to wait and hope they could get a break and hit on a counter-attack that failed to happen.

Arsenal were settled as they had a solution to every attack thrown at them until Kai Havertz found a way to break the defense and scored to make it 0-1 in the 27th minute after a great buildup of attack from the Blues.

The first half came to an end with Chelsea claimed a 0-1 advantage against Arsenal as they both headed for the break which saw a very good first 45 minutes played between themselves.

Second Half

The second half wasn’t that bad as both teams made things happen in front of a goal which saw the two London sides scoring some beautiful goals which lightened up the whole 45 minutes.

More coming from the two sides as they pushed forward with aim of changing the scoreline which was favoring the Blues who are the away side with the advantage as the opportunities kept on coming.

Arsenal leveled things back to 1-1 in the 69th minute of the game after Gernit Xhaka towering header which saw things going back to a draw which saw the Blues firing up as they pushed to make sure they restore the lead.

It didn’t take Chelsea that long to score another goal which gave them a 1-2 lead in the 72nd minute which came from substitute Tammy Abraham who showed Thomas Tuchel that he is what he needs ahead of the next season.

The match fired on with opportunities but nothing happened as it ended with Chelsea claiming a win against Arsenal in the preseason encounter which was evenly contested and quality being showed by them both.

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