The Onifaari Series 30: Lekki Conservation center; The longest canopy walk in West Africa


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I would be sharing with you my latest exploration, and I wouldn’t mind if you share yours with me in the comment section too.

Do you know that Nigeria has the second-longest canopy walk globally, and it is located in Lagos? One thing I love about explorations is that it gives you room to see beyond your lenses. 

Lekki conservation center is located at ibeju, km 19, lekki-epe expressway, Lekki peninsula 1, lekki, lagos state. Lekki conservation center was built on 78 acres of land and houses the second-longest canopy walk in the whole world and the first longest canopy walk in West Africa.

 As of January 2nd, 2020, the entrance fee was #1,500 and #1,500 for the canopy walk. Before going to the conservation center, you have to make your reservation online. However, you can do that offline, too, at the entrance. 

Ijapa Hut

After making a reservation, you will then move to the ijapa hut to collect the hand band that will serve as a pass for you throughout your stay at the conservation center. After doing this, you can then move to the walkway that leads to the canopy walk. It takes about 15mis walk before you get to where the canopy walk begins.

short clip from lekki conservation walk way 

Some rules guide the conservation center, and they are as follows:

1.      Wearing your hand bands is a must

2.       Keeping noise level low

3.      Loudspeakers are not allowed inside the park

4.      Wear flat shoes and a few other rules

There are also general rules that need to be followed, and they include: 

  1. Only people from age 14-65 years are allowed to climb the canopy walk
  2. A maximum of 6 persons are allowed on the suspended walkway between the tower
  3. Visitors are not allowed to run on the canopy walk
  4. Visitors are not allowed to use the canopy walk when it rains
  5. Visitors are not allowed to carry heavy load our bags on the canopy walk
  6. Visitors are not allowed to smoke on the canopy walk, and few other rules 

                                                          Lekki Conservation Canopy Walk

The canopy walk is in 8 stages; the last stage leads to a park where you can sit and relax and buy refreshments such as grilled chicken, turkey, roasted plantain, coconut water, barbecue, carbonated drinks, ice-cream, and others. You should prepare yourself well because things are being sold there at double the amount you will get them outside. 

The Chess Board.

You also have access to games such as table tennis and chess. Some huts are readily available which people can sit, and they are named as follows: 

1. Lagido hut

2. Turuku hut

3. Igbo Efon hut.

There is also a massive fish pond which houses some beautiful species of fishes. Also, many monkeys were playing around which if you are not careful enough, they will hijack your food. You can also find animals such as crocodile and snakes though cannot be seen, but their sounds can be heard.

Also, I saw the biggest tortoise that I have ever set my eyes on, and it was lovely. In fact, it walked majestically and wouldn’t mind the numbers of people that were in awe, catching glances at it, I will be sharing the video on my Instagram.

The Beautiful Eko Fleur Garden

There is also a small garden called Eko Fleur Garden, where flowers are being sold. In case you need flowers, you might want to check the place out whenever you visit the Lekki conservation center.

Lekki conservation center is a place to check out the beauty of nature with exciting animals and a serene environment. 

Children are not allowed on the canopy walk, but the stunning park and its beautiful environment will give them an unforgettable memory and make up for that. 

Shout out to my crib mates, who made my stay in Lagos a memorable one. I appreciate you all. 

Thank you for reading my blog post.

 With love from Sanni Rodiat oluwatosin. Instagram/Twitter: Ajoke_Onifaari

Edited by Ibrahim Kazeem (peng witer)



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  1. Your experience was Valid, the LCC is a place you would always want to back to, apart from the expensive foods, the experience was astonishing..the monkeys leaner from our politicians sha. They are looters

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