The Onifaari Series 29: Tarkwa Bay, A Beauty At Onisiwo Island, Lagos-State


The Beach

Omo, Money dey lagos sha. Nobody can tell me otherwise because …..Lagos sweetest part is that you can cut your coat according to your size (budget), but I guess this cutting expense to your size happens everywhere.

I was at Tarkwa bay to detty my December with my friends the other day. Tarkwa Bay is one of the most underrated beaches in Lagos. If I am asked to choose between tarkwa bay and elegushi beach, I will pick tarkwa bay over elegushi anyday. I am not trying to force my preference on you, my friend; I am just airing my opinion.

Ferry Ride

Tarkwa bay beach is located at Onisiwo Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is a beautiful beach with not so clean water, but it made up for that with a stunning and serene environment. Taking a Ferry is the only means of transportation conveying people from CMS to the beach. The cost of Ferry is #500 per individual, which is quite reasonable.

The ferry journey is not for the faint-hearted or anyone with a phobia for water. However, I would not blame anyone with a phobia for water as we all have what we are afraid of.  Oh! I went with eleven friends to the beach to have the time of our lives. After all, it is still “he who works hard should enjoy a nice time.”

On getting to the beach, we paid #300 as an entrance fee, which is on the right side of pricing. There are shades there, which you will have to pay #1,000 per individual in other to secure a seat. Omo, that got to me because #1000 to sit under a shade at a beach with vast expanse of land to sit on the ground. Well, we move!

Tarkwa Bay Swing

Other side attractions are Horse ride, which goes for #1,000, and the more flamboyant Beach bike for #2,000. Also, there was a swing I couldn’t get the price.

Although vendors sell barbecued fish, food, and refreshments on the beach but unlike hotels, bars, or any outdoor places, you can go into the Tarkwa bay beach with your refreshment. 

Interestingly, some residents live around Tarkwa bay. Oh, you are also wondering if they live on the water. Well, yes, they do! Again, people go on a yacht cruise on the water body, but no one was there that day.

me sitting at the front view of the beach

Personally, I think Tarkwa Bay is an exciting place to hang out, have fun, and explore the feeling of nature. Impressively, it is well affordable for all its unique features and captivating environment.  

Thank you for reading my blog post.

With love from Sanni Rodiat Oluwatosin( Ajokeonifaari)

Twitter/Instagram: @ Ajoke_Onifaari

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