The Onifaari Series 28: Hyshoo, A Place For Food And Merriment



Food is one of the necessities in life. A life without good food is not a happy life. Good food, most times are not always affordable, especially in high-class urban states like Lagos, Abuja, and Rivers.


Ilorin stands alone as a haven of excellent and affordable meals. Without breaking the bank or hurting your pocket, you can afford a princely meal that your body system will thank you for in weeks.

Ilorin is well-known for its convenient, low cost of living that allows you to live the baby girl or boy lifestyle you love. There are several beautiful and affordable restaurants in the town that you can see and enjoy their meals. One of such places to hangout for good food with your friends and family is Hyshoo.


Hyshoo is at Adewole Road, Ilorin, Kwara state. The spot has stunning paintings that depict popular places in Lagos such as Ikeja,ojuelegba and others. Even though I am not sure about the reason for the choice of designs, I can’t but marvel at the creativity of the management. Because to me, it meant that Lagosians that stay in the state capital could come and have a feel of what their legendary state is even though they are away from home. On the other hand, it makes the place stand out as one that brings people of different origin together, just like the real Lagos is known for.  


Hyshoo also has an attractive swing that brings back memories and nostalgia for adults. Sometimes, we need to take off all the adulthood worries and enjoy the thrill of old times.  


They have affordable meals and chops, that is very difficult to resist. Oh, their peppered chicken was delectable! It has this heavenly taste I have not sampled in a long time. Other foods are Ofada Rice, Noodles and others.


In case you want to Detty your December with good meals and also enjoy the ambience of a relaxed, pleasant and charming environment, you must visit Hyshoo.


Meanwhile, what are your plans for the December Holiday? As for me, I am currently in Lagos, and I will be visiting a few attractive places.


 However, I visited the Magnificent Arinta Waterfall and the historic Ikogosi Warm and Cold Springs resort again last month in Ekiti and trust me; it keeps getting better. 


It is the second time I will see a miraculous thing at Arinta waterfalls; the stones have become bigger than the last time I was there. It is a place that genuinely shows the wonders and miracles God is capable of.


In case you missed my previous post about those two places, kindly click on the link below to read about it


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  1. Funny how I never knew this much about Hyshoo and I stay so close to it.
    When next I'm in Ilorin.. Amma go get my view of Lagos in State of Harmony!
    Thanks ma'am ?

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