The Onifaari Series 27: NYSC, A journey of Self Growth

 Is it not amazing how time flies?! Just like yesterday, one moment I was preparing to go camping, and the next, I am celebrating my POP. Thank God for the fantastic journey of lessons and enjoyment so far.  

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory Clarion call for every Nigerian youth not above 30.

Indeed, my NYSC journey was a journey of self-growth, development, and a lot of networking. Initially, I was posted to Ebonyi state, and I did my three weeks of camping there. Afterward, I  redeployed back to Kwara state for my full-service year.

I spent more than a month at home before getting a PPA. I started my service year at ST Anthony Secondary School, Ilorin, after the usual documentation. I was given Computer Science as a subject to teach, and it was a fantastic experience. I had friendly students who were always ready to learn, which made my job easy.  

Unfortunately, the pandemic came, and everything was grounded. I couldnt go to school or do anything at home, and most of the corp members were at home doing nothing. This didnt sit well with me, and I get irritated every day because I dont particularly appreciate sitting idle for long. 

I asked a friend if there is an internship opportunity at his workplace, and he answered in the affirmative. I sent a mail to the organization, and I was invited for an interview, which I aced. That was how I started to work as a Graphics intern at DigProm.  

Working at DigProm was an eye-opener as I garnered different experiences while working in a formal setting. I learned a lot in my work, and I met beautiful and exciting colleagues, most especially Boluwatife and Taiwo.

I also documented several places during my NYSC journeys, such as  Patigi Regatta, Mapo hall, and a few other places.

One of the best decisions I took was joining a book club and then volunteering for NGOs like MACAA, REACHI AFRICA, LIVE AND LETs LIVE, and others where I developed communication skills critical thinking, amongst others.  

My NYSC year has been a journey of adventure, growth, and a few lows, but I can happily say this is one of my best years ever.

Today is my POP, and I pray for favor in the ever-busy Nigerian labor Market. Congratulations to all the all 19c; I wish us all a favorable after service year. Also, to the ones that we lost during this service year, may your souls rest in peace.

Your favorite wakawaka girl Sanni Oluwatosin Rodiat (Ajoke onifaari)

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