Let’s Gist Series 10: Five ways to handle Rejection…

Hello people, How’s life? I hope you are holding on well. Remember to stay safe always because COVID-19 is real and around us.

Today on let’s Gist, we will be talking about REJECTION!

How do you handle Rejection?

Life, they say  is not balanced, and you can’t have it all. Every individual has what they battle with and the way we react to things are different.
People handle  rejection differently and as such move on from things in different ways.  Rejection sometimes,  leads to depression if not managed well.

Here are 5 ways to Handle Rejection:
1) Talk to a friend/family
2) Go on sightseeing
3) Cry yourself out (It’s okay to cry)
4) Learn from your past experience
5)  Build your self/esteem

Have you ever felt rejected? How did you handle it? Kindly share in the comment section your experience and remember, you could be helping someone have another shot at life.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Gist Series 10: Five ways to handle Rejection…

  1. It takes courage to handle or deal with rejection alone.
    Thanks to my loving and caring mother who helped me with a whole lot of advice.

  2. It is not easy mehn, you just gotta go through the pain, cry if you need to, then pick yourself up, do something you love, start a new goal, pursue new challenges. These things helps during the phase, then when you are ready, learn to love yourself more, find happiness within, so as not to put your happiness in the uncertainty of others feelings or actions towards you.

  3. Being rejected is actually better than being deceived by the other party. Learn to move on and keep improving yourself … What will be yours will surely get to you.

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