The Onifaari Series 21: I witnessed a Dried up Dam

Hello Family, thanks for being a huge fan and always taking your time to read my blog posts.

Y’all remember the popular Asa Dam located in Ilorin, Kwara State??? Well, I have an unimaginable thing to show you about the place today.

Asa Dam few months ago 

Like I said in my first post about Asa Dam, Asa River Dam was constructed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC to increase the supply of potable water by approximately 50,000 cubic meters per day to the towns within the state.

So, guys, the unimaginable thing are that the Dam is dried up totally, and I walked freely on places that I dare not before. I mean, the whole place used to be filled with a lot of water that you dare not get to some parts.  I am inquisitive as to why the Dam dried up that way, Could it be because of the present weather that we are in? To my own little knowledge, the intensity of the flow of water would rather reduce instead of drying up. However, this question remains unanswered in my brain until this moment.

So Family, have you ever witnessed a Dam that dried up before? If yes, kindly state in the comment sections your experience.

Thanks a lot for being a huge fan. Please Remember to stay safe…

By the way, stay tuned, as there will be a giveaway in my next post as a little way of appreciating you all.

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