The Onifaari Series 22: Aliara The Hidden Treasure

Hello Family,  How are you? I hope you enjoyed your Eid-l-fitr Celebration??? Please always remember to keep safe,  Covid-19 is still out there

I saw a very big fish today, Guess where??

 Aliara Village is a not-so-popular village located at Asa Dam, Ilorin kwara state.  Yes the same popular Asa Dam i wrote about few months ago.

A man Fishing 

Aliara can also be called the home of fish,  Men and Women fish at the river to earn a living.  It’s a surprise to me,  to see a woman riding a boat, i will just finalize that an individual best of knowledge depends on how far he/she has network.

There are so many  species of  fishes inside the river such as Tilapia, Obokun. and many others,  indeed the river is blessed with fishes in abundance.

A woman fishing 

However, The fishermen go to the river very early in the morning and leave by noon, what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well,they say.
 Most of these fishermen are not yoruba,  their language is entirely different i was not chanced enough to ask about their tribe, and that was painful, as inquisitive as i am.

Aliara shouldn’t be a not-so-popular village, if you ask me  As this small village contributes alot to the livelihood of human being,  as fish is an essential part of a meal to make up a balanced diet, when i say fish,  i mean fresh fish directly from the river not the iced (cote/Titus) fish, no offense though.

So guys if you need a fresh fish direct from the river,  Aliara is the place, Trust me….

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