Let’s Gist Series 8: The silly things we did during Ramadan

Wow! Wow!  Wow!  It’s Day 17 of Ramadan already and I can’t believe I have not made any post in a while.  Pardon me for this as I am trying a lot to balance a few things together. Also, I am always stuck on what to post most times.

Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim readers and May Almighty Allah give us the liberty to finish it in good health. By the way, I hope you are keeping safe amidst the easing of the lockdown. Please take all preventive measures as explained by the authorities. The threat of covid-19 is still real out there.

Today on let’s gist, we shall be talking about the silly things we did during Ramadan while growing up. I could remember when I was in secondary school and my mom normally fries plantain chips.

One day on my way school, I totally forgot I was fasting and took out of the chips, munch on some and even drank water.   It took a while before i remembered I was fasting, Lol. But sincerely, it was not intentional. Again, while I was in primary six, I once broke my fast intentionally. But i was a small girl then, I never understood the gravity of what I did. Thank God for growth today.

So guys, share some of your silly Ramadan experience with me in the comment section, I am so anxious to read funny comments.

Thank you for reading my blog post every time and I miss you all.

With love from Sanni Oluwatosin Rodiat (Ajoke Onifaari).

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13 thoughts on “Let’s Gist Series 8: The silly things we did during Ramadan

  1. Hmmmmm…lot of silly things while growing up, I could remember whenever we are ask to come and observe solat during the day while fasting especially suhri and asri, while performing ablution,I would stylishly take in some water during the washing of mouth section…
    Very funny

  2. While I was young, each time I came back from school in the scorching sun, I would have been dehydrated. I will just enter the shower and spend hours there just to stay hydrated. Never had guts to break my fast tho.

  3. Hahaha, my primary school days. It's only during Ramadan that Mr. Serious Headache will come. Especially around 2pm. Once Alhaji (my dad) gives order to break fast bayii, Fiam, Headache will disappear����. I would then eat and still affirm that my fasting is valid since i ate because of headache����

  4. I didn't really think I did anything silly,cos from pry to secondary school, I went to a Muslim school all tru, so the fear of not breaking the fast b4 due time was there.
    And av mistakenly drank water ones, that day I was washing with siblings , was exhausted already, in fact I even informed them dt I was thirsty, dey said go and drink water, was after I almost finished the water I heard, Ruka o maa n gba awe.?so wen I got to modrasa dt day, I told my ustaz abt it, he said since it was not intentional den my fast was still valid… Was happy. Cos fasting in my house was competition o among the children , u will hear Awe mi di 4 lo ni sebi meji ni iwo ti gba ?

  5. Emi spec??
    My family is one that everybody are mostly not home and me as the one who spent most times at home. You know the Yoruba saying na "eni ti ko gbon ni awe ma n gbo" I go chop belle full clean mouth. When everybody come back I'll still form weak.
    May Allah forgive us.

  6. Wow I could remember during my junior school days my mum will give me pocket money while fasting and then during break I and my friends will hide ourselves to eat doughnut and 7up and clean our lips and head back to class before anyone could see us

  7. Silly things,,, [Smiles…��������]
    Would definitely sneak back to our kitchen to drink water and still pretend nothing happened in order to eat the goodies of iftar, coz if you break before iftar, dad would definitely make you wanna cry, that's when he would buy goldspot or limca for everyone except you…

  8. I've kinda of love fasting since before It was even compulsory for me to fast, so I can't really say I've done anything silly while fasting at least not intentionally. Butii I can definitely recall more than one instances when I might have forgotten I was fasting and either taste something catchy or even drink water before coming back to my senses.

  9. Lol. I always drink drops of water I put in my mouth during ablution. Then I will start the ablution again. I can do this for more than 2 times.

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