Let’s Gist Series 7: A fight with a bus conductor/Spending My Transport fare on Junks

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Today on let’s gist, we will be talking about two things:

1)Have you ever had a fight with a bus conductor???

2)Have you ever spent your transport fare on junks during your secondary school days?

So here are my answers to the above questions:

i.   Ahn, I once had a fight with a bus conductor.  Those Lagos conductors can be crazy and always want to flex their muscles at any opportunity.

On that faithful day, I was coming back from Ilorin and when I got to Iyana Ipaja, I boarded a bus going to Ile-Epo oja. I have already calculated the money I was having with me.

Hey God, that was how this conductor refused to give me my change completely. I do not know where the energy came from o all of a sudden because I  got into a fight with him and he eventually gave me my complete change.

 ii.  My junior secondary school days, Hey God, there was this woman that sells hot rice during closing hours. I always save my transport fare just to buy rice inside nylon from that woman and trek all the way from Itire to Lawanson. See my life! Well, secondary school was totally fun!

So guys, share your experience in the comment section.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Gist Series 7: A fight with a bus conductor/Spending My Transport fare on Junks

  1. I was such a junks lover during my secondary school days. I would spend my transport fare on ice cream and potato chips and then trek with the rest of my friends home. Lol. Secondary school was one hell of an adventure.

  2. Would always use bike and later napep fare to buy potato and ponmo. This meant I had to walk out of the barracks. If asked why late, "It's traffic ó. Traffic yẹn pọ gan". Memories 😂.

  3. 1. I've once had a fight with a bus conductor also in Lagos. Those Lagos conductor are something else

    2. I never had the experience of spending tfare and trekking home cos i was a boarding student all through but I can spend my pocket meant for half of the term in a week and I'll call home and tell them money has been stolen before mama got me a guardian. I miss those days. The memories still linger

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