The Onifaari Series 20: The Trending M’boubou/Kaftan

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Today on my blog, we are talking about fashion.  Lately, M’Boubou, also known as Senegalese kaftan, has been trendy among females.

The garment is known by various names in different ethnic groups and languages. It is called Agbada in Yoruba and grand boubou in French.
Boubou was adopted from the Babban Riga of the Hausa kingdom. (Source: Wikipedia)

Knee length boubou 

Boubou comes in two forms, the knee-length, and the full length. The knee-length boubou can be worn in different kind of ways,

  • Wide leg Trouser with high heels sandal
  • On a body con skirt with a flat shoe
  • On a skinny jean with a pair of sneakers/Sandals

If you are a fan of loose cloth, you should try Boubou Dress. I assure you that you will feel comfortable with it.

Ladies, are you also a fan of Boubou dress? To my Guys, do you like boubou dress on a lady??

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With love from Sanni Oluwatosin Rodiat (Ajokeonifaari).

Instagram: Ajoke_Onifaari
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Dress/Veil: Onifaari_collections
Photo credit: Adido Theresa
Bag: Thrift

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