Let’s Gist Series 3: Do you believe in love/Valentine???

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Hello my people, how have you been? A happy new month to you all, and that is if my greetin is not too late. Lol.

 It seems February is traveling in nanoseconds because I cant believe the month is almost at the halfway stage.

However, we all know its the season of love, and Valentine is upon us like a bang.

This is my third series on let’s Gist, and today, we shall be talking about our perception of love and how we will be spending our Valentine’s time.
But let me ask first, do you celebrate Valentine? Do you believe in love? How deep do you believe in love?

Let me give you a summary of how I will be spending my valentine. Also, let me give you a piece of excellent news about me before we proceed. The news is that I am enjoying my service year, and to top it all, the government increased the corp members allowance. Isnt that amazing and newsworthy?

Now back to our Valentine gist. I strongly believe in love. I believe in it so profoundly words are hard to define my belief. Honestly, we can get hurt, cheated on, betrayed, but in the end, we all need to love and to be loved.  It is one of the best things that can ever happen to a human.

Okay, I was about to tell you how I would spend my Valentine. Are you ready for it?
I will be leaving work by 1pm on Valentines Day, and I will spend time with my people. Afterward, we have a movie date at the cinema and other few things to do.

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Enough of me, please, lets gist in the comment section. I will be waiting to see how you are planning to celebrate your valentines day.

Thank you for reading my blog post, always.

With love from Sanni Oluwatosin Rodiat (Ajoke Onifaari)

11 thoughts on “Let’s Gist Series 3: Do you believe in love/Valentine???

  1. I believe profoundly in love but I am single, I believe that gives you an insight to how I'll spend my valentine.

    Anyway, I'm not the type that believe in valentine and will probably never do but who can tell what will happen when someone daughter do surgery on my brain?

  2. I'll be in my room, with my books and intermittently be surfing twitter and Instagram for carefully thought out gifts and dates from my faves and others. Buh fr, God when gan gan

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