Let’s Gist Series 1: My/Your favourite Colour

Hi guys!!
 Happy New year,  i hope my greeting is not coming late

As the year unfolds, I have lots of packages as well.
I will be adding extra juice to my blog, Trust me
This juice is called “Let’s Gist”.

We will have new topics per session and it would be an interactive session.  We will be sharing your opinions in the comment section .

As the first session begins today, we will be talking about our favourite colours and why wpe actually chose them as our favorite

We all have our favourite colors and to begin with, mine is Black and Red… Nothing beats black veils yuuknow ?

I really can’t say why i love those 2 colors, infact i don’t have an explanation for it.  Red really speaks volume when you match it with a dull color, black goes with virtually everything too, infact i use my black veil more than any other color. My black veil does justice to all of my outfits… All of it,I confess!

What’s your favorite color? And Why do you prefer it?   Let’s gist in the comment section ☺

Veil : Haneey Collections 
Dress : Onifaari collections 
? : Larah Capture 

9 thoughts on “Let’s Gist Series 1: My/Your favourite Colour

  1. Well.. To think i actually don't like using black veil all the time Cus i feel like it actually makes me look dull. I prefer bright colours or nude colours for scarf..and yes..there's this vibe with red color when you are wearing it.
    Favourite color? …Im not sure if i have one but i think i love nudes all shades of nudes so far its not a regular color.

  2. RED….. Red is life, red is love, red is my favorite color. Those who sees red as danger don't actually knows the true meaning of red.
    Without red there is no life.
    Red is an announcing color. Despite the hatred and discrimination people have for red, I wear my RED with PRIDE.

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