The Onifaari series 17: The Highest Hilltop at Ibadan , Oyo state

Front of The Tower

There is a popular saying that says “Ibadan lo mo,  o mo layipo” Pardon my wack yoruba please ? ? ?

On the 22nd of December i paid a visit to Ibadan,  the capital of oyo state to attend a networking hangout called “Ibadantankansu”

I left Ilorin around past 9am, on getting to the bustop as usual during festive periods, there was a huge hike in  transportation fee,  we are used to it anyways so we need not argue with them

Our bus moved like a jet,  we spent less than 2 hours to Ibadan . I got to ibadan with my friend “Iraadat” we dropped our things at my cousin’s place and changed into our party attire ?,and  we hit the road again,  we are ready to know Layipo!

We took bike from Olohunshogo to Layipo, The bike man charged us double and of course we paid,out of ignorance.  Apparently i was shown that i am a ”JJC” in the city of Ibadan.

Bower’s Tower 

Layipo is the highest hilltop in ibadan, it is located at Oke-Are Axis,  Ibadan, Oyo state.  It houses the famous Bower tower.

 Bower tower was built in the year 1936 in honour of captain Robert lister Bower “The first british president in Ibadan” during the regime of Oba Adeyemi the first  .

  The tower was designed by engineer Taffy Jones.  The tower is 60 feet high and 11 feet square with 2 entrances and a spiral staircase that leads to the top of the tower,  There was a myth about Bower tower that you can see the whole of Ibadan at the top of it, which i confirmed myself , while i was at the top of the tower i was able to see the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway toll gate,and so many ”Brown Rusted Roof” which the town is popularly known for.

Top of the Tower 

At the event, we introduced ourselves,  we networked, we climbed Bower’s Tower… In short, we had a nice time,  I must say the amount charged for the hangout was a penny compared to the amount of fun we had at the event.

Ibadan is known for her native dish, Amala,  so we were not at all surprised when we got served a plate of Amala each and nobody was allowed to use spoon nor fork. We all had it the local way,with our bare hands.

At the end of the event we snapped group pictures and need I mention that climbing the beautiful Bower’s Tower attracts a fee of just #200, which is so cheap with the beautiful sight from the top of the tower.

I must say Ibadan has a low cost of living,  The amount for transportation is so cheap,  imagine boarding a bus of #30 to places within the city…. Way too cheap!! They also have funny names of places,like, Idi Osan, Beere…etc

The few hours i spent in the city of Ibadan, i enjoyed every bit of it and i must say i would love to go back to explore more places in ibadan sometime again in the nearest future.

Happy holidays my people,  Do have a fun-filled Holiday

Your favorite blogger,  Sanni Oluwatosin Rodiat (Ajoke onifaari)

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