My journey as a Blogger

Blogging is not as easy as most people make it seems. You will hear people talk about how you should create a blog to document your thoughts and words as if you will take it out of your pocket and put it back inside.

The truth is you need to be dedicated to making it work because it takes a lot of time, especially when you create your content.

I started blogging in 2016 as a general blogger, and I blog about (Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty tips, sports, and politics). Then, my blog URL was, but the kind of blog I loved was lifestyle/fashion. Then, my friend told me I would run out of content to write at some point, so I listened to his advice and started a career as a general blogger.

 I introduced a few programs to my blog like the gist with sisijoke, our past heroes, and the Recipe. Within a twinkle, I forgot about my craving for a lifestyle/Fashion blog and channeled all my energy to my general blog.

 I started having a lot of traffic on the blog whenever I posted football videos and any trending gist in town.

After some time, Google approved my Adsense, and I was so excited that I will start making money from my blogging career after all the hassle. Unfortunately for me, I violated some Google rules, and my Adsense was blocked again. Now I have two options, and it is either I change my blog URL/Email so I can reapply for another Adsense or I continue posting without any hope of earning money from my blog.

I continued posting on the blog for a few months until I got tired and decided to stop and delete the blog.

Around November 2018, I keep having thoughts about the kind of blog I initially preferred, which was lifestyle/fashion. Finally, I accepted my passion, and I opened a blog post on lifestyle/fashion blog. I wanted a domain that will include my name, and this led to the choice of “ajokeonifaari,” and a new lifestyle/fashion blogger was created.

 I pursed a new chapter in blogging, and I am fulfilling my passion on the side. Also, this year, 2019, has been my best year so far because I met a lot of people while documenting and exploring beautiful places all over the country. Whats more fun than these?

Here is the list of places I have visited and documented in the year 2019:
Owu Waterfall
Erin ijesha
Dada pottery
Ile ofi
Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park
Kanu Ndubusi Park
Arinta waterfall
Ikogosi waterfall
A road trip to Ebonyi from Ilorin
Asa Dam
Sobi Hills
Offa-Ilorin Railway Station.

There are still a few places to go before the end of the year. Kindly follow as usual.

To all my Ajokelovers, thank you very much for sticking with me and following me all these while, I really appreciate you all. I hope I have tried my best to document beautiful and stunning places all over Nigeria for you.

So, what are your plans for the coming holiday? Let’s talk about it in the comment section. Perhaps, we might do a documentary together. Isnt that wonderful?

Love always from Sanni Oluwatosin Rodiat (Ajoke Onifaari)

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