6 Important Black Friday shopping tips for you

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Black Fridays are the most expected shopping day in the whole year, and it is almost around us

Somehow, sales have started in some places, but you can still leverage on Travelstart Nigeria’s amazing flight deals happening from November 25 till December 2 to enjoy the best travel deals.

November 25th till December 2nd

However, to have a productive black Friday and save some bucks in the process, here are some tips that will help you:

Draft a shopping list

One of the worse things to do in life is not planning well for any activity. What is worse is buying stuff on impulse on a Black Friday. Shopping without a written list leads to excessive spending and makes you buy things you don’t need.

Before you go out for your black Friday deals, ensure you have prepared a list of what you want to buy to prevent buying things you don’t want. It will help you save more to buy the important things.

Be up-to-date with retailer social media channels and newsletter

If you want to get the best information on the best deals coming up on Black Friday, you should follow your favorite’ retailers on social media for the latest updates.

Twitter and facebook are the mediums most retailers use, but you should pay attention to their Instagram and newsletter also.

Some use these mediums to show secret coupons and make a new advert on the best deals. Pay attention!

Don’t wait till the last day to start your purchases

Gone are the days when Black Friday deals are only for a day. Recently, the best deal is not necessarily on Fridays; you can shop productively all through the Black Friday week. Just pay attention.

The earlier you have a shopping list and start shopping, the better your chance of cupping the best deals.

I noticed the best deals of last year were displayed some days to Black Friday, and people were already taking the opportunity before the black Friday.

It is not to discourage you from buying on Black Friday, but to let you know you can get yourself fantastic deals when you shop early.

Check the Online Deals

A lot of retailers offer amazing deals on Black Friday.

When you think about the stress you will use in standing on queues and fuel you will use to get to the stores on Friday morning, you will agree with me it is not worth it, and online stores are better.

Check your favorite online websites like Jumia, Olx, and others for latest information on the best deals.

If you are looking for the best 
Flight dealsyou  can check online to get the best value for money on the special Black Friday sales.

Usually, Black Friday sales start at midnight and no matter the time; you will be able to get something, compared to waiting till the next day to shop physically.

You can order items online and pick them later at Logistics Company or even local stores of retailers.

Be prepared for items Returns

On Black Fridays, item returns are always on the high. Some things don’t meet your standard or expectation that you want in what you ordered. However, some retailers don’t offer a full-time return policy, and some charge some amount for restocking.

Always schedule your returns as fast as you can, keep your voucher and receipt safely and be prepared to pay a token to make this happen.

Use your credit card to shop more

Well, I don’t really love using my credit card to buy a lot. It is not as if it is terrible, I just find it a little tricky not to pile up the shopping bills. Most times, I spend more on impulse.

However, there are a lot of benefits attached to paying with a credit card. A lot of credit cards firms or financial institutions offer better return protection policies than buying on cash.

 You can easily cancel any transaction you are not comfortable with.

They also give some percent off on your purchases if you meet some benchmark.
Also, if the price of what you want to buy is higher than what you paid for the same product within a time frame, you can get the excess if you make a complaint.

Everybody loves the Black Friday deal as it provides the opportunity to get maximum value for our money.

However, if you don’t understand how it works perfectly, what should generally be an optimal purchase day may turn a nightmare for you through data leak, price hike, bad returns policy, and other disadvantages.

Also, Travelstart is an online travel agency where you can get the best flight deals on a Black Friday and any other day.

If you follow the above tips, be rest assured you will have a fabulous and productive black Friday.

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