The onifaari series 11: Explore the wonders of God at Ikogosi warm spring

Pot of life

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On the 12th of October, I visited Ikogosi warm spring and Arinta waterfall with a group of 10 people .

But Today i will be sharing my experience about Ikogosi warm spring.

We took off from Ilorin at exactly 7:30am and we got to Arinta waterfall  few minutes past 11 , we left Arinta for Ikogosi warm spring around past 1 and got to Ikogosi warm at almost 2 pm

 The Ikogosi Warm Spring and resort is a recreational center located in Ikogosi, Ekiti state  a Southwestern state in Nigeria.

It hosts the famous Ikogosi Warm and cold spring and the confluence where they met..

The Ikogosi Warm spring has a lot of stories surrounding it, according to the tour guides, prominent among the story is one of the great-grandchildren of oduduwa who founded Ikogosi.

Ikogosi used to be addressed as “ikangun osi,” meaning the town situated at the extreme left.

Ikogosi warm spring meeting point 

According to history, no matter the level of rain around the spring, the warm water’s current never increases or decreases. The temperature of the water only rises when it hosts another kind of water.

The cold water, on the other hand, is affected by erosion, and this explains why it is not as neat, clean, and pure as the warm water.

The tour guide explained that the waters are medicinal because of different herbs that are surrounding the source of them. They can heal typhoid, malaria, pile among other ailments when it is used consistently.

Ikogosi warm spring 

As we move up to the warm water source, the water starts getting warmer, and you can feel the sudden increase in temperature around.

This explains nature’s excellence and originality at a glance. It was as if the water is reactive to its environment, and it aims to convince the array of adventurers on board about its glory.

The whole group with our tour guide 

Another side attraction at the Ikogosi Warm and cold spring is the pot of life. The pot of life also houses the warm water, and it was structured in a way that makes the water pass through an ancient pot to the other side.

The meeting point of the spring is fantastic as the cold, and warm water was separated with a small rock that tries to control the surge of the waters.
The family of the progenitor of Ikogosi cemented their friendship by meeting up in strategic places inside the resort.

The place where the extremely warm and normal warm water meets is explained as where the late founder and his first son meet.

The place where the extreme warm water and the extreme cold water meets is explained as where the husband and his first wife meets.

The place where the normal cold water and the extremely warm water meets is referred to as where the junior wife and the husband meets.

The place where the extreme cold and normal warm water meets is the place where the senior wife meets her son.

Legend has it that the relationship was cemented by the Olodumare(supreme being in Yoruba land) through a symbolic mark that is around the meeting point of the cold and warm water.

Peregun eti odo 

There is a palm kernel tree that shares the same root as an iroko tree, and this is exceptionally rare.

According to the locals, it is known as “peregun eti odo,” and it has been there for hundreds of years, cohabiting together without any issue.

The palm kernel tree has the same color as the cold water, while the timber or iroko tree has the same color as the warm water.

Usually, this should be among one of the wonders of the world, and every traveler hopes that it will be discovered soon.

Ikogosi warm spring swimming pool 

The next stop was the swimming pool inside the resort. Do you mean you will not visit this unique pool of water while you journey through the spring? No way.

The swimming pool has a stunning view of full blue water that is pure, clean, and tasteless. Different nature travelers were enjoying the serenity and tranquility offered by the water.

The amazing thing about the swimming poolside is it contains warm water, as opposed to all other conventional pools.

Ikogosi resort has a lot of rooms for tourists to stay for an extended period and enjoy nature as long as they want.

We played a game imside the swimming pool,  as for me i didn’t swim i was just there hyping others

The rule of the game was that they should hold their breath under the water and see who can hold his breath for long among them. “Habeeb” was the winner of the game.

Ikogosi warm spring is truly heaven on earth and one of the best ways you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life to appreciate true nature and God’s greatness.

Have you visited Ikogosi warm spring?
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