The onifaari series 9: Oluminrin waterfall Erin Ijesha, A sanctuary of purity and beauty

Waterfall are no doubt one of the signs and wonders of God.  Olumirin, which means “another deity” was discovered in 1140 AD by Akinla, a granddaughter of Oduduwa, when the people of Ife were migrating to ErinIjesha. Akinla was also known to have founded the ErinIjesha town. The natives regard the waterfall as a sacred site and a means of purifying their souls.

On the 7th of September 2019 i visited Oluminrin waterfall Erin Ijesha with a group of people, i must say  it is a sanctuary of purity and beauty .

The trip was initiated by me,  and we tagged it as “A day visit to Olumirin waterfall Erin-ijesha”. The total number of people that went for the trip was 34 so we travelled in 2 buses

We left ilorin around 9:am and got to Erin Ijesha past 1. The journey to Erin Ijesha was not smooth due to bad roads but was fun all through so we didn’t feel the stress of the journey that much

On getting to Erin Ijesha,  we paid an entrance fee of #500 per individual #500 for parking space and #400 for digital camera slot like they called it

The waterfall has seven steps but the waterfall stopped at the 3rd step, from the 4th step till the 7th step there was no waterfall.  Source said the nobody knows the major source of the waterfall .

Out of 34 people that went for the tour only 8 people hiked the mountain till the last step. They were the one that narrated to us that the waterfall  stopped at the 3rd step. And also the last step of the waterfall leads to a small town in Ekiti state

I  stopped at the 2nd step because i was interested in staying under the waterfall in other to enjoy the feel of nature.  I stayed under the waterfall for more than an hour,  i would have loved to stay longer but i had to consider the time

The water was so cool if you aren’t strong enough to stay under the waterfall you might catch cold

Moreso the waterfall was surrounded by a small dam which some people actually prefer it to the waterfall , but i explored  both the waterfall and the Dam.

The rate at which the water was splashing couldn’t allow us take pictures while under the waterfall .

The memory was unforgettable, i met new people  , i had fun and i get to know a new place

We left Erin Ijesha for ilorin around past 4 , then we arrived at ilorin past 8. My bad i am not accurate with my timing .

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