The Onifaari series 8: A visit to Ile ofi “A Hand-loomed cloth” Okelele, Ilorin Kwara State

Aso oke fabric, is a hand-loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of west Africa Aso oke means “top cloth” in the English language, denoting cloth of high status.Usually woven by men, the fabric is used to make men’s gowns, called Agbada, women’s wrappers, called iro, and men’s hats, called fila.

On the 31st of August, 2019 I documented “Ile ofi” as it is populary called with Abdul Raman yusuf “xultan visuals”.

Aso Oke weaving is mostly common among the people of Okelele kwara State, Ilorin.
We interviewed one of the men “Mr Rasheed Maruf”

Mr Rasheed Maruf

Mr Rasheed Maruf is an Indigene of Kwara state,  ilorin, He is from Okelele Area of Ilorin .
He is a graduate of “Muhyideen college, sango Ilorin,  kwara state.
He has been in the business for a number of years,  he explained to us that hand-loomed cloth is a very lucrative business that produce alot of profit. 
There are different machines that are use in making hand-loomed clothes Such as 
1) Okankan
2) Omu
3) Oko
4) Agbonre
5) Ajo (Ero ifa owu) 
6)Ero ida owu

 He stated that the total bundle of clothes that can be weaven per day depends on individuals strength

The Length of each  hand-loomed cloth is 75, Breath 6.5 or 6.  While the name of the thread use in making hand-loomed cloth is called “krowntex”

There are different types of Aso Oke such as
1)  Etu- Stripped Dark Blue
2)  Sanyan- carton brown,  with strips
3)  Alari – Crimsom
4) Eya – laced
5) Takunsi – cloth with different pattern 
6)  Alaagba
7) Damask
8) kente Oke
9) Metalic
10) Popo-Elepo

After weaving the clothes they sell it to different states such as Lagos, Ibadan,  Osun,  oyo and so on

All pictures was taken by: xultan visuals

Have you ever put on  a hand-loomed cloth to an event/occasion

How do you feel in it? (comfortable/not comfortable)

I will love to hear from you

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