The onifaari series 10 : My lagos market documentary “Ile epo market, Agbado Oke odo”

Lagos state, the center of Excellence which is divided into 5 Divisions having 20 Local Governments, 57 Lcda and also known to be the home of business/entrepreneurs

Markets in the state are astonishing places where you find differrent kind of people selling varieties of things. Even at 4:am in the morning the market people are out already reintegrating into into the hustle and buzzle of the environment.

One of the popular markets in Lagos which is known as Ile Epo market was documented on the 15th of September, 2019. The market was Established in the year 1984. It is located at Alimosho Local Government, Agbado Oke-Odo. It is also one of the most patronized food market in the state.

The market comprises of different traders both men and women who sells different kind of foodstuffs and groceries which include rice, pepper, yam,  vegetables, locust beans,  yam flour (processed and unprocessed) frozen foods, beverages, biscuits. Soft drinks and many more

The market is mostly dominated by the northerners (Men)  specifically  Who sells fruits and yam in bulks, they also sell pepper but the percentage of the yoruba (women) that sells pepper are more than the Northerners . Some of the people that sells inside the market pass the night there atimes due to a certain reason which is best known to them

The most amazing part was that most of the market women/men never denied us the privilege to snap pictures at their market stand  . Thou few of them rejected but was not up to 5 market women

To be honest i was never expecting that most of the market women/men will be friendly due to my encounter with them while buying things inside the market on a normal day.  Some are saucy while some are nice which is expected as human we all can’t be the same

From Our Questioning we discovered that alot of these market women/ men sponsored their children from nursery school till tertiary institution with the little things they sell inside the market. Although some has bigger shops which are well stocked with goods

Today they are a proud mother/fathers of Engineer,  Doctors,  computer scientists,  lawyer, Architect and so on

We also learnt that some of the market women/men still chooses to continue selling inside the market because they can’t stay idle not because their children can’t fend for them

The closing time at the market depends on individual choice. There is no specific closing time as some might choose to close earlier and some might choose to close at odd hour “10:pm” or more

Ile epo market is a very big market that contributed greatly to the growth of Alimosho local government and lagos state as a whole

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