The Onifaari Series 6: Become one with nature on a trip to Asa Dam, Ilorin Kwara State

Hi guys,  Thank you for reading my last blog post. I hope you are doing well? , I had another Experience which i will be sharing with you all. 

All through the years that i have been in Kwara State,  This year is the year i enjoyed most,  I get to Discover alot of places which i never know existed, i was able to discover these places through Networking. 

My latest Exploration was a trip to “Asa Dam” Ilorin kwara state. 

On the 24th of August 2019 my friend Yusuf of Xultan_Visuals planned a mini trip to Asa Dam Ilorin. Asa Dam is located at Osin Aremu off Asadam Road Ilorin Kwara State, Off Asa Dam Road Ilorin, Ilorin West 

Asa Dam 

 Asa River Dam was constructed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC in order to increase the supply of potable water by approximately 50,000 cubic metres per day, to the towns within the state.


Our pickup point was post office,  we took off by 10:45, the Agreed Take off time was 10:10 but we couldn’t keep up with the time as i was one of the late comers. The Drive to Asa Dam was around 20 mins 

On getting there we had to trek for like 2 mins to the bridge above the Dam

The first thing we all did even before introducing ourselves was pictures,  i guess we were all thrilled by the view, while xultan Visuals was doing his thing as a professional photographer we were also taking pictures with our phones. 

After that we all stroll down to the Dam,  we assembled on the railing then we all introduced ourselves since we are not only there to sightsee but also to Network. 

Introduction Time

After the Introductions we proceed  to the Dam, at first some of us were afraid of the water,  but within few minutes we all conquer our fears and enjoyed the comfort of the water

Well i don’t know if it is just me but their is a comfort that i get whenever i am surrounded by water i can’t really explain the feeling

The fact that the water is not slippery while moving around it is one major reason of not being scared 

Their is a part of the Dam that boil like hot water , the sight is so Amazing. 

We did alot of funny things like splashing water on eachother, it was really a fun day

After everything we snapped a group picture and headed back home

If you ask me if i really wish to visit the Dam again,  i will gladly reply with a YES


My veil/shirt @house_of_tee__,  Our beautiful pictures was taken by @xultan_visual on Ig/Twitter

Have you been to Asa Dam?  What is your take on it?

Will you love to visit Asa Dam ?

I will love to hear from you

You can also reach me through my Email

Thank you for reading my blog post.
With Love from,
Ajoke onifaari 

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