The onifaari series 3 “Elegushi private beach “

Hi guys. I hope you all enjoyed the previous edition of THE ONIFAARI SERIES, this time i will be sharing my experience about my visit to “ELEGUSHI PRIVATE BEACH”

Have you ever been to Elegushi Beach because I’ve been there and i had an unforgettable experience i will like to share with you all.

On the 2nd of January,2019 i visited the beach and i must say it was fun all through with my friends. Before i move on,i will like to say share few things about Elegushi Beach.

Picture of Elegushi private beach 

Elegushi is a settlement along Lekki-Epe express way which accommodates a wonderful recreational center like Elegushi Beach. The beach is owned by the Elegushi Royal family (IKATE ELEGUSHI) in Lagos state.

The beach is seen as one of the best beaches in Nigeria which entertains nearly 40,000 visitors both from within the country and outside(tourists). It also has an attractive and economical entrance fee of N1000 and N200 for the car park. The beach is opened everyday but sundays and festive periods being the best times because of the population and arrays of beautiful recreational activities like horse riding,swing and so on(they are not free but cheap)..

Picture of Elegushi private beach 

The best part i enjoyed most was when i was moulding my feet with sand,wow i remembered my childhood(i did that last when i was a kid. All thanks to Elegushi Beach again.

More so,there are several delicacies to be enjoyed while on the beach and you may also decide to take your food along with you because it is allowed .

Pictures taken from the beach are so wonderful revealing the true color of nature with a nice outfit on me and my friends.

God’s willing,one of this days i will revisit the beach because i want more of the fun and i hope you do so too.



Kimono jacket with Palazzo pant paired with an ash body top. Why i put on an ash body top was because ash color is neutral and the color of the kimono and palazzo pant is an attractive color so i decided to cool it off with a neutral inner top

Then my scarf and my bag was the same color (black)

My shoe color was a shade of my kimono and palazzo




Thanks for reading my blog post.
With love from,
 Ajoke onifaari

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  1. Sis. Be enjoying everywhere… Lovely write up though. Now, i know how much the entrance fee is😍. Telling us directions from Oshodi isn't a bas idea either. For Get inside pikin like us😀

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