The onifaari Series 5: Sobi Hills Ilorin, Kwara State

Hi guys thank you for reading my last blog post. Guess what? i had another unforgettable experience which i will be sharing with you all

On the 20th of June 2019, I visited a place called “Sobi Hill”. The trip was initiated by a friend “Yusuf” and we went in a group of 12, i really can’t remember the total.

Sobi Hill is one of the interesting places in Kwara State, It is notable as a place to enjoy a great view of the city of Ilorin.

The hills derives its name from the town of Sobi. Sobi hills is 394 meters above sea level.  At the highest top of Sobi Hills their is a magnificent view of Ilorin as a whole.  Its lush green vegetation and spectacular landscape makes it a premium destination in Ilorin. There are different points from which water gushes from the Hill

Pictures of Sobi Hills 

Their is a small building on the highest level of the rock called “House on the Rock” it is said that nobody knows how it got there people use it as  place of worship

Aside from  the “House on the Rock” a lot of people come to the  rock to pray, as it is believed that payers are quickly answered in a place like that. Some stayed for weeks,  months on the hill praying fervently, their are several place of worship on the which are lead by pastors/cleric . One of the special thing about the Hill is that Muslim/Christians worship without any grudges.

Pictures taken at the Hill
While playing scrabbles

While hiking the hill

At the top of the hill

A picture of mine sitting on the hill
My Experience 
On getting to the hill,we were asked to take off our sneakers, we were told since the hill is some people place of worship it is automatically an holy place,  we had no choice than to obey. 
 It was not an easy task while hiking the hill.  The Hill has 2 parts. The 1st part serves as the middle. We rested for a while before we continued our journey to the uppermost part. The 2nd part which leads uppermost part where we see the whole of Ilorin Town.  
Their was a Genius among us, my bad i can’t remember his name,  the way he was able to mark out most part of Ilorin from top of the mountain still amaze me. 
We played 3 type of Games, first was question and answer which was lead by the planner “yusuf”, it was fun and educating
The other 2 game was played separately, some of us choosed to play whot, others choosed to play scrabble. Our whot winner was a female,  she knocked out 4 guys “female are born champion no doubt “
Their was no winner for the scrabble, but i was the one that lag behind the most, one of the sweetest part was the Item7 (snacks drinks), don’t mind me i love food. 
Our beautiful pictures was taken by “Xultan Visuals”
My Sneakers  from “Depride Store”
My Hijab  from “Onifaari collections “
I hope you find my blog post interesting.
With love from,
Ajoke onifaari  “writer The Onifaari Series”

Do you have any question regarding my visit to Sobi Hill?  Drop a comment or  Send an email to i will gladly answer your question

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