The onifaari series 4 “Owu waterfall Owa Onire kwarastate”

Owu Waterfalls is a waterfall located in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara, Nigeria. It is 120m above the water level and cascades 330 feet down an escarpment, with rocky out crops to a pool of ice-cold water below

The water falls is surrounded with a beautiful natural ambience and hills which makes sightseeing a memorable experience. The waterfall is characterized with fall of ice cold water, beautiful rocky part and walk ways, and evergreen surrounding.

The Owu Waterfall in Kwara State is sometimes referred to as a “wonder in the wilderness.” It is one of the highest and fascinating waterfalls to watch in West Africa .

We went to the waterfall as a group. We are all students from (kwara state polytechnic and University of Ilorin students). The trip was initiated by a friend of mine “Lateefah” and the idea was accepted by others and a date was picked “June 15th 2019”

We picked a theme for the Trip. It was tagged “Owu Waterfall Girls Trip”

The journey

We left ilorin around 11: am, i am not sure about the time, pardon me please. We were 30 in number that travelled for the trip

The journey was close to 2 hours, we passed through Idofian, Ganmo, Amoyo, Omu Aran, those are the few town i can actually remember.

Owu waterfall is located at “owa onire” omu Aran kwara state

My Experience

On getting to Owa Onire. Our Bus had to stop at a point because of the bad road . The road that leads to owu waterfall is a hike. So it is advisable to go with a sneakers, you can’t walk with your bare foot and heels/ slippers is a wrong idea to hike. We trekked/hiked for about 45mins from where our bus stopped to “owu waterfall”

My best feature of the trip and the fall is how magical it is, it responds to voice. The louder you scream, the higher the volume of the water.

But the piss off part of the journey is That at some point we lost signals on our phones, and those annoying insects keeps bitting

Pictures Taken At The Fall

Pictures of Owu waterfall

In conclusion “owu waterfall” is a beauty in it’s wilderness. It truly testify to the greatness of God. I’m glad i visited the place

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Ajoke onifaari

2 thoughts on “The onifaari series 4 “Owu waterfall Owa Onire kwarastate”

  1. The last time I was here was in 2013 and I must tell you, the experience still feels like yesterday. The long walk through the forest to access the fall, the unfamiliar wilderness view I had and specifically, seeing my first water fall in an astonishing environment.
    I hope to visit this place someday again.

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