Retro sunglasses is Timeless

Right from time, i am a fan of glasses.  But lately Retro sunglasses has been my biggest crush. The fact that it gives me a different and unique look make me love it more.

Retro sunglasses are the beginning of a few fashionable accessories starting in the late 1920s with round wire frame tinted glasses.

 Plastic replaced wire in the 1940s and a wealth of new styles emerged such as aviator sunglasses and 1950s cat eye glasses and horn-rim glasses.

Me on retro sunglasses 

The round style returned again in the 1960s followed by oversize colored shades in the 1970s. Retro are timeless and classic in any style. 

The term “Timeless” really define the trend of Retro glasses because it has never been out of vogue for once as each day passes by people fall in love with it more and more

Retro sunglasses comes in different shapes and colors. I guess that is one of the reason that makes it standout among other sunglasses. 

Here are few flat lay pictures of retro glasses 

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